Because You Shouldn't Have to Wait Years for Your Home


ESCOBEDO presents DARIO Panelized System; taking our customary construction practices into a quality-controlled panelized construction process for the luxury residential market. 

Our panelized construction process allows us to build fully systems-integrated floor, wall and roof panels in-house with the same quality and precision with which we have always built onsite; now we simply build in a controlled atmosphere, with our own skilled craftsmen who ultimately erect the structures onsite– as well as provide high level artisan-quality fabrication of architectural elements of stone, steel and millwork.  


•We build high-end luxury residences, complete with custom architectural features that are one-of-a-kind designs in steel, stone and millwork.
•Clients we serve recognize and expect the value of premium quality, as do the architects  with whom we work.

•Our process allows architects to do what they love– design, and allows us to take that design and create construction and shop drawings that result in a more quality build.
•Our process mitigates the constraints of weather and scarce labor forces since we fabricate the entire structure within our own facility.

•Our process allows us to construct in rural areas, as well as tight and challenging urban infill sites because most of the construction process happens under our own roof.
•Our process ensures a better building envelope since we integrate structural steel, light gauge framing and highest quality materials. 

•Our process cuts builds times by up to half that of conventional construction. 

•Our process offers clients savings on fixed costs due to expedited construction timelines. 

We are not pre-fab.     We are not modular. 

                      We are panelized.

A Side-by-Side Comparison


•  Superior products
• 11-month build trajectory
• Loyal craftsmen on a dedicated team
• Seamless communication throughout
all design→fabrication→construction
• Seamless digital dialog between the
architect's design software and our
fabrication software


• We build true custom homes, not
"choose from a menu of model homes"
• Our process allows wall, floor and ceiling panels of various size/design
• Efficient transport of materials that are
straight, flat, and limitless in size
• We have product actually built,rather
than marketing renderings of what we  
may someday build  


 • Industry-standard products
 • 2 to 4-year build time for same
 • Unrelated subcontractors
 • Multiple trades communicating
      within various mediums
 • Often disjointed communication
      between architect and builder/subs
      creating delays and disorder

              PRE-FAB BUILDERS

• Offer a menu of homes from which
     to choose (cookie-cutter)
• Walls, floors and ceilings often fixed
     or limited sizes
 • Transport of materials is boxy and
      entails size restriction
 • Have very few projects completed
      on the ground; mostly marketing
      conceptual renderings


We are the future of construction,coming to you NOW.