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Treehouse built by Escobedo Group with DARIO Panelized System

Dario Panelized System

Meet DARIO. The Panelized System that is elevating every facet of construction.

The ability to construct a well-designed, superior quality home, office or guest house with minimal waste and impact to the job site didn’t really exist – until now.

Meet DARIO. The panelized system that is elevating every facet of construction, from material quality to environmental impact.

Conscious Design

DARIO’S construction method allows minimal environmental impact.

DARIO is a panelized construction method that allows any structure — from a home to an office building — to be erected on site with minimal impact to the environment. What once took months to build onsite now gets erected in mere days

Treehouse built by Escobedo Group with DARIO Panelized System


Time is the only thing you can’t get back. Time is money.

Design without limitations

DARIO provides an exceptional quality build, in less time than conventional construction.

Every panel is constructed of light gauge steel and structural steel and measured to exact precision, ensuring a seamless final product.
Even in the face of difficult terrains and remote locations – these are
circumstances in which the DARIO Panelized System thrives.


Currently servicing Colorado, Texas, and Oklahoma.

In the press

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