What is the best location, terrain or homesite for a DARIO project?

A DARIO Panelized System project can be erected on any terrain, from rural ranches to cliffside locations.

Can this system be used within city limits?


Does DARIO meet major municipality permitting standards?

Yes, it does.

What are the current price points you are achieving with this system?

DARIO is a construction method. The finish out of the home is the same exceptional quality the Escobedo Group is known for. With DARIO, the savings are in time. DARIO structures are erected on site in days – and finished in months, not years.

If I have an existing design, can you reverse engineer it? How does that work?

Yes, our team can work from existing plans and engineer them to be built in DARIO.

Will I have to give up control of the project if you build it with DARIO?

No, we work closely with outside architecture and design teams regularly.

How are panels prepared and shipped and will they be open for an inspector to inspect?

Panels are built in our facility and include everything from plumbing, electrical and AV, to insulation and waterproofing. Depending on the jurisdiction, the panels can be inspected at our facility prior to shipping or will be open on the interior for inspection on site after installation.

What are the primary benefits of using the DARIO system instead of conventional build methods?

Many! DARIO structures are built inside our controlled facilities in Buda, Texas, which results in minimal waste and exceptional oversight on quality control. All panels are constructed of light-gauge and structural steel, making the structure itself of the highest quality. Once the panels are completed, they are delivered to the job site and erected in days — preserving the job site and leaving minimal environmental impact.

What are ideal scenarios where DARIO would be most advantageous?

The applications of DARIO are vast. The system can be used for everything from commercial buildings to large-scale residences. There are no limitations to the design or application of DARIO.

Can your team help me pitch this to my client?

Yes, absolutely!

Can we still use the DARIO system if I already have a builder attached to my project?

No, DARIO is a construction method. Escobedo is the builder on all DARIO projects.

What do you need from me to analyze whether my project would be a good fit for DARIO?

Contact us to set up a consultation so we can hear more about your project. At that time, we can review any existing plans or speak about your goals. So far, nothing has been presented to us that could not be done in DARIO.

What is the build philosophy of a DARIO project? How should I think about how all the pieces come together under DARIO?

DARIO is a better way to build. The level of quality, detail and structural integrity is the same, if not better, than general construction — but the process itself is groundbreaking. Our panels achieve 98% precision when installed, a level not often achieved in general construction. With minimal waste and minimal impact on the job site itself, DARIO is also conscious design that cares about the environment.


For each project utilizing the DARIO System, our in-house design team performs calculations for the specific climate, site, and building codes. System performance can be demonstrated so that the client understands their return on investment. When specific features are added, the team integrates them without adversely affecting the building. Furthermore, our design team is continuously exploring methods that mitigate the impact of our system on the environment and the local site.

Every DARIO home includes the following performance features:

Continuous thermal insulation and weather-resistant barrier:  

  • By utilizing continuous insulation, the composition of the exterior wall, roof, and floor panels minimizes the thermal bridging through the framing.
  • Continuous membrane with tightly sealed joints reduces moisture and air infiltration into the building enclosure. 
  • High quality shop fabrication in a controlled environment that maximizes the performance of the enclosure materials.
  1. High-efficiency mechanical system delivers thermal comfort, while minimizing energy use
    • An integral element of the system that can be installed, tested, and balanced in the factory.
    • Heat-pump technology allows it to operate with extremely high efficiency and provide cooling and heating no matter the exterior conditions.
  2. Dedicated fresh air energy recovery ventilation delivers fresh air to maintain high indoor air quality while minimizing energy use.
  3. Integration of daylight and efficient artificial lighting via controls as part of the A/V system to enhance visual comfort efficiently.
  • Advanced manufacturing methods utilized during the production of the frame, sheathing, and finishes minimize material waste.  
  • Unlike a slab-on-grade foundation, DARIO System’s pier and beam foundation significantly reduces the use of concrete (a building material with high embodied energy).
  • Finishes, such as exterior decks and interior floors, are composed of bamboo (a fast-growing natural material). 
  • Use of quality building materials, and durable construction extend the building’s longevity.
  • Pier and beam foundation, combined with rapid on-site installation minimizes disturbance of the terrain and vegetation. 
  • Foundation can be customized to respond to site conditions such as flooding or proximity to bodies of water

Optional Upgrades (for those who want to maximize the benefits and opportunities that come with the DARIO System):

  • By integrating roof-mounted solar renewable technologies, the building can achieve Net-Zero or Net-Positive targets by producing as much or more electricity as it used over the course of a year. 
  • Off-grid solutions can also be provided for remote sites. 
  • To address power outages, battery storage can be integrated to support critical loads, such as lighting, security systems, refrigeration.
  • Water collection, storage and filtration can be an integral part of the building.
  • Dedicated dehumidification that further enhances thermal comfort and controls growth of pathogenic organisms. 
  • High-performance filtration that can address specific customer’s indoor air quality needs, such as reduction of airborne particles and contaminants such as pollen, dust, dander. 

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