The Dario Panelized System allows for unlimited design capabilities, ensuring both our clients vision and our design team’s creativity is uncompromised. The early collaboration of designers, drafters, and fabricators, ensures that each detail in thoroughly designed and engineered from the very beginning.


Our team uses state-of-the-art software to model the project in extraordinary detail. Each floor panel, wall panel, and roof panel is modeled with absolute precision and engineered to fit together seamlessly to create a robust & fully-integrated building system.


Each panel is fabricated in our Central Texas facility by our team of experienced fabricators, mitigating the challenges inherent of scarce or inadequate labor forces. This controlled environment also eliminates the common disruption of site weather conditions and allows our team to focus on the quality & innovation of every detail.


Every panel is packaged for specific site conditions. By utilizing our own fleet of trucks, we can ensure they are delivered on time and in pristine condition. Each panel is scheduled to arrive on-site to maximize assembly efficiency & minimize site disturbance.


The nature of the Dario Panelized System makes it easy for our team to build in traditionally difficult rural areas, as well as challenging urban sites. The robust modeling and fabrication phases allow the on-site execution of the project to take place correctly and accurately the first time, dramatically reducing the build time.

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