Mason Ranch

The two-story Mason Ranch was completed in just eight months. The home and first-floor shop — which can be used as a garage, a workshop or even a game room — was constructed off a steel superstructure with Z-purlins around the exterior and light-gauge metal framing interiors. Custom-made, pre-weathered zinc siding was installed and provides both durability and a refreshing, clean, modern look.

The Mason Ranch’s signature element is the elevated and exposed architectural concrete edge made possible through the engineering of a cantilevered structure above the primary bedroom window. The primary bedroom feature creates a seamless, no-corner glass installation that offers uninterrupted views of the rolling Texas hills. Elegant, exposed steel beams stretch across interior ceilings and are well-balanced against the millwork, cabinetry and stonework throughout.

To take advantage of the local topography, the Escobedo Group installed a concrete rainwater collection tank under the back porch. The tank collects and stores an impressive 25,000 gallons of rainwater.


8 Months

Central Texas

Time Savings
1 Year