Don’t Waste the Next 3 Summers to Get the Home of Your Dreams

Don’t Waste the Next 3 Summers to Get the Home of Your Dreams

Find out How Smart Families are Using this Design Innovation to Reduce Build Time and Live Their Dream Now

Deciding to build a new luxury home is exciting. As the designs begin to come together, you can start to envision your family coming together for holidays, gatherings, and relaxing leisure time. 

However, turnaround times for luxury home builds vary widely depending on the method of construction used and efficiency of the build team you’ve employed.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction data, the average build time from start to completion for custom homes is 10 to 16 months with some residential buildings or luxury homes coming in well over 48 months (4 years!).

That means that choosing the wrong design team, contractor, and building method can be the difference between enjoying your new home this year vs. three or more years from now.

Enter the Dario Panelized System for Luxury Home Building

At Escobedo Group, we’ve taken build times to heart and have created a completely new way to think about luxury building.

We understand that your luxury home can’t simply sacrifice quality for build speed, and that many builders offering efficiencies in build time end up replacing artisan detail and features with prefabricated materials and templates.

The Dario Panelized System gives you the same artisan quality you would expect from a true craftsman like Escobedo, but allows for significantly reduced build and delivery times.

The Escobedo Group’s Texas facility is now set up to create the award-winning detail work Escobedo has become known for producing, often in less than half the time required of traditional builds.

How is this possible?

Our construction process allows us the ability to build “systems-integrated panels” in our Texas warehouse and construction facility.

We take your design then create custom floor, wall, and roof panels which can be easily transported to your home build site.

This system allows us to build large sections of your luxury home in an indoor ‘out of the elements’ environment, with our own skilled craftsmen.

We then erect these structures onsite, improving overall build and completion times, while still providing you with high-level architectural elements of stone, steel, and millwork. 

Luxury Home Builds in Half the Time

Traditional luxury home builds end up taking so much time because there are too many “cooks” in the kitchen.

A traditional luxury home builder must negotiate and stay in consistent communication with a huge number of contractors, vendors, suppliers, designers, and more.

It’s a logistical nightmare and to get it done correctly (with any kind of efficiency) requires a highly skilled and dedicated project manager and team.

Many builders will attempt to cut time off of a luxury home build by choosing less than superior materials and supplies which are easier for them to get delivered quickly. Or they will force you to choose from a menu of templated design options.

There can often be disjointed communication between the architect, builder, and subcontractors.

This creates additional delays and disorder and is the reason there are so many horror stories connected to the idea of building a custom luxury home.

Using the Dario Panelized System, Escobedo Group is able to build true custom luxury homes in a fraction of the time.

We have no design or size limitations, and because we’re building your home in custom-created panels, you can expect less site pollution and clutter.

This system is especially suited for builds in rural areas or sites that are off the beaten path. You should never have to sacrifice quality or design aesthetics to suit the unique features of your homesite.

Using the Dario Panelized System, Escobedo Group is also less affected by shifting weather conditions or difficult terrain, as much of the design and detail work is created in our an indoor ‘out of the elements’ facility as custom panels which are then delivered to your homesite and installed quickly and easily.

These panels are not moved from our facility to your homesite until our team is ready to install them. This prevents site clutter and gives you the luxury look and feel you desire in much less time than traditional luxury builds.

Mason Ranch built by Escobedo Group with DARIO Panelized System

Find out if DARIO Panelized System is the right fit for your project.