It’s Not Modular Building: The Future is Panelized (Discover the Difference)

It’s Not Modular Building:

The Future is Panelized (Discover the Difference)

When architects and designers hear a homeowner or builder bring up “modular building” it can be an immediate eye roll for many. The downside of modular building has historically been too great—limitations on footprint size, ugly or fixed textures and colors, and an inability to seamlessly fit within a custom design to name a few.

The Dario Panelized system has changed all of that and we know that’s a bold statement which warrants any skepticism it gets. We’re confident that we’ve created something unique because the architects and designers who have used our system have absolutely loved it because of the flexibility it gives to incorporate any design. Not to mention massively reduced build times.

It’s not modular, it’s artisan panels.

The Dario panelized construction process allows us to build fully systems-integrated floor, wall and roof panels in-house with the same quality and precision with which we have always built onsite.

We build out sections of your home in a climate-controlled atmosphere, with our own skilled craftsmen who will ultimately erect the structures onsite. This allows us to provide high level artisan-quality fabrication of architectural elements of stone, steel and millwork in a fraction of the time of traditional luxury builds.

The Dario Panelized System allows you to create beautiful custom designs that can be constructed in up to half the time.

Why Modular Building is Frowned Upon for Luxury Home Building

We’re all familiar with the mobile homes that started the modular building craze, and while there are certainly many companies still pushing “modular” as a viable building solution, the truth is that most modular homes are only built with a ~30 year shelf life—if that.

At Escobedo Group, we wanted a way to provide artisan level craftsmanship in a way that would no longer be delayed by rural home sites, distant locales, or inclement weather. We knew there had to be a way to give a home a unique design & personality without sacrificing years in build time and even more in budget.

The Dario Panelized System — Modular Building is Out, Panelized is Here to Stay

Our construction process allows us the ability to build “systems-integrated panels” in our Texas warehouse and construction facility.

We take a 3D model of your design then create custom floor, wall, and roof panels which can be easily built in our warehouse then transported to your home build site.

This system allows us to build large sections of your luxury home in a climate-controlled atmosphere, with our own skilled craftsmen.

We erect these structures onsite, improving overall build and completion times, while still providing you with high-level architectural elements of stone, steel, and millwork. 

Modular building has come a long way since the mobile homes sold on the side of the freeway, but it’s no way to approach a luxury build. You need materials that have the longevity that will stand for generations, not something that will immediately begin to depreciate in value.

The Dario Panelized system is the solution.

You get artisan work from our team of craftsmen in Buda, Texas and since we control the environment within our warehouse, we can complete builds and installs much faster by building everything into custom panels which are then delivered to your home site.

These panels can fit and be tailored to any design or materials your home calls for, giving you a truly versatile way to approach your luxury home build without sacrificing quality.

Give us a call to find out how you can meet all of your design goals with the Dario Panelized System in addition to staying on a timeline that will have you in your new home sooner than you ever imagined possible.

Mason Ranch built by Escobedo Group with DARIO Panelized System

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