Has covid-19 affected your build plans?

Pandemic Home Building

How We Put Safety First During COVID-19 While Getting Your Home Built

We take safety very seriously here at Escobedo Group and it’s why we’ve been so adamant to make sure that our craftsmen, workers, and employees are protected and safe during the unfolding COVID-19 epidemic.

At Escobedo Group, we’ve always felt that the finest work was forged from the fires of unthinkable challenge and that philosophy has served us well, regardless of market conditions. Our hearts go out to the many families who have been affected by COVID-19 and we understand that the ever-changing news can create a new level of uncertainty when deciding whether or not now is the time to build.

Many homeowners and architects have reached out to us with deep frustration as they assess whether their projects will have to be put on hold indefinitely due to contractors or laborers dropping out.

Fortunately, at Escobedo Group, our unique systems and processes have allowed us to continue to build luxury homes for clients and homeowners, while providing a level of safety & precaution which assures everyone on the project remains happy and healthy.

Short Build Times Mean Less Time On-Site

We’ve become world-renowned for our Dario Panelized System, creating artisan home builds in a fraction of the time. Due to this unique process of building, we are able to keep tight control over who comes in and out of our home sites, while monitoring all employees within our Buda, Texas facility.

Traditional build times can leave many different vendor teams coming in and out of a worksite, often staying in close quarters for up to 15 days at a time. This is too much exposure and risk given all the unknowns we still have about COVID-19 and its spread.

With the Dario Panelized System, we’re able to reduce build time on site often to three days or less and all personnel are our own. That means we have much greater control over assuring only healthy workers are clocking time on a project.

Pre-Assembled Panels Means Less Time in Close Quarters

This all creates a problem for many traditional luxury builds. The construction of the home would require many people all working in close proximity to one another for days on end. This is obviously an undesirable situation given the current pandemic conditions.

Utilizing the Dario Panelized System, however, a great deal of our artisan craftsmanship for your luxury home is built in custom panels at our private Buda, Texas facility. We take your home design and feed it into a 3D modeling system. We’re then able to build out unique panels that perfectly match the design of your home. These designs are then built out in our climate-controlled warehouse with minimal overlap of crew.

Once each component of your home panels have been built, these are then shipped to your homesite and assembled within a matter of days. This means that our team can be in and out quickly and better ensure a healthy working environment.

We Run Our Own Luxury Home Build Team

If you’ve ever built a home before, you understand how many different people can come in and out of a homesite at any given time. Traditional building methods just weren’t designed for the tight monitoring of health conditions for every worker.

At Escobedo Group, we’ve always handled much of the luxury home build process in-house with our trusted team of craftsmen. This gives us much better control over who shows up to a homesite, the quality of work they provide, and how long they spend on each project. Because of this we’re able to implement the required safety protocols to keep you and our workers safe and continue to build within a timeframe that suits your project’s needs.

If your building schedule has been affected by COVID-19 and your contractor or builder is working with a team that cannot be so easily brought up to a new health standard, we’d love to step in and assess your project. Huge delays can be incredibly frustrating and it’s highly likely that we can keep a schedule that will continue to suit your needs.

Schedule some time with us and we’d love to hear about your home project and give you more detail on how we’re adjusting to shifting market and health conditions to keep you safe and on track with your project goals.

Mason Ranch built by Escobedo Group with DARIO Panelized System

Find out if DARIO Panelized System is the right fit for your project.